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Hey Rickey Lee! I ordered your CD for a friend who is a new Christian living in Washington state…this was her response:

Thanks you for the Rickey Lee Stone CD! It is absolutely beautiful music…magical! The musicianship is so good and I love every single song! I really enjoy it! Thank you so very much!

Featured here: The very gifted singer/songwriter Dayton Stone with Abraham Laboriel, Alex Acuna and Rickey Lee Stone. 9.5.14

LA Studio Trip

New CD Story:

The seeds of vision began with a number of conversations with my family. My children are all adults who one evening began to express their care and respect for me and what I do as a singer/songwriter and as a pastor. They were encouraging me to write books and songs around the message of the Gospel of Jesus. Continue reading →

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October 18, 2014 Austin, Texas Wire Recording Studio Wire Recording Studio
September 4, 2014 Los Angeles, California
August 13, 2014 Warm Beach Camp


Music is not only the universal language…I would submit that it is the eternal, cosmic language of the Holy Trinity! Music has always been, because it emanates from God!

I want to have the opportunity to express this amazing truth and the ramifications of it far and wide! To hear it…the wonder of this fantastic gift that God has given to mankind…is to be drawn to Him and to rethink everything that you ever thought about the songs you love and listen to.

The word “Inspire” was at one time only used when describing the intervention between God and mankind. In its original intent, to be “inspired” was to be fused with the Holy Spirit…having the soul transported by the power of the Holy Spirit to “Hear” and “See” things of the Spirit of God. Once “Inspired” the imagination then translates that which one has “Heard” or “Seen” into “art”. Music is the initial vehicle of Inspiration. Music and Creation are intertwined…all other art forms stem from this fusion of Inspiration, Music and Creation!

Through this “Inspiration” I want to write and record, and help others do so, with the intent that those who listen will find themselves swept away in the Spirit and able to find expression of devotion and adoration for our Heavenly Father that maybe they were unable to articulate prior to hearing this music.

My hope is to be an ambassador…a guide…a bard…unveiling revelation brought by inspiration into the momentary consciousness of this earth life! I want to point the way to those who wish to embark upon the highway of God…the “Highway” that awakens one’s soul to ethereal transcendence of the Love of our Father in Heaven. In other words: I want to help us see and hear the wonder of the Gospel of Jesus…the intentions and purposes of the Holy Trinity toward mankind…becoming their eternal family!

I appreciate your support and hope you enjoy the music. If you wish to get in touch with me, please use the contact form below.

God Bless,

~Rickey Lee Stone

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